The Pleiadians – Align and Integrate with Us – 21 May 2014


We come to speak to you today about the importance of living your life as the human having a cosmic, spiritual experience.  We have loved you and been with you for lifetimes as you have incarnated here doing your work for Gaia.  But, now more than ever, it is important that you integrate the cosmic consciousness as part of your natural way of being.  Do not see us as beings outside of yourselves.  See us as mere reflections of a beautiful connection to Source.  We are waiting for you for the time when we shall actually live side by side in our forms as well.

However, for those that don’t experience us physically all the time, know that we are merely an extension of oneness with you.  We have successfully integrated the DNA and transmissions for the 5D consciousness, and you no longer need to seek advice from us for we are one with you.  You can tune into the aspects of yourself that are Pleiadian now and ask the questions.  We have reignited your ancestry, and it is fully alive and awake.  We are joyously celebrating that WE DID IT! It is easier now for you to walk and talk, and act as your enlightened self

You see, even when you feel like you are not acting as your highest self, the light that you hold in the coding of your DNA and cellular structure still is always emanating out light.  The light is limitless and unending.  Those that have chosen to awaken the aspects of the Pleiadian lineage, are fully transmitting light even when triggering others, for the triggers are there to let other human souls see where they need to heal.

Many ask, “When will the whole world know you exist? When will it just be the norm to connect to you?”. And we say, the timing is up to YOU. It is based on the readiness of consciousness. We do not wish to create a wave of shock and pain.  We wish to come in when there is receptivity.  There is no rush.  You are eternal beings and have all of eternity for your planet to begin to expose that there is more to this Universe than the human existence.

One of the keys to this exposure and receptivity/readiness has to do with the people taking their power back from the larger organizations that hide things and keep things cloaked for greed purposes.  This is beginning to happen as many release GMO supports which takes the money away from the mass groups running the desire to keep the consciousness dim through toxins.  There will be more that has to be released before we are received here in peace.  One has to do with the people of Earth truly taking their power back in terms of resources and the use of oil.  This is one of the other pieces that keeps greed and control running the planet, blocking the receptivity to our integration in a physical way.  We have the knowledge as many of you do how using resources on planet Earth like hemp to fuel things.  There is no need to be fighting over oil, of course.  However, because certain groups are wishing to keep this away from mass consciousnesses awareness, we would not be received in peace.  As the people begin to reveal the truth more and more through the internet, you all will prevail in transforming the way this planet functions so it is aligned in the light.

Yet, this message is important because we say, you can still feel aligned, and close to us knowing now that we have completed the merge with you.  When you speak to us, you speak to yourself.  You are the Pleiadians.  We exist in our own physical forms, but through all the connections to us, downloads, and healings, you are actually now walking as very much Pleiadian.  It is a mixed heritage, but does not make you any less Pleiadian.  Therefore, you have access to all the records…the cosmic records of all that was, and all that will be.

Simply, summon the nature within yourself and ask questions.  It is still fine to connect to those who can speak our words clearly, but know, that you can do it to.  It is more about hearing and sharing the different ways others express things now, and also for the continued growth of those that are still discovering.

So for now, we truly impulse the radiance of light now into your hearts from our hearts, as we connect through a tunnel of light.  This opening of total heart to heart connection has  completed itself now and it is easy to feel the love we send now. We love you brothers, sisters, in this oneness. So la re en lo.



We are one. The channeler, Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.

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The Pleiadians – You are Being Transformed – December 17th, 2013

Do you feel heavier since your full moon yesterday, since 12-12, or do you feel lighter? We say it is all the same as you go into the place where all is the same.  All experiences are being ushered into a state of perfect balance.  You are truly a neutral consciousness, that views all as the same, from eyes of love.  Yesterday, you were being cleared out, we say, even gutted (as it was fierce for many), of anything that blocked you from experiencing this truth.  Whatever was holding on like glue that caused you to not see the truth of the eyes of your I AM presence has been melted away. Today, you may experience this as relief, and if not relief, deep understanding of your soul patterns you agreed to experience here.

Oh yes, and you agreed.  You agreed for many lifetimes to contribute to this cause, and now we say, your agreement is complete.  This does not mean you must leave body.  Not at all.  This means you are here now to experience joy as your sole purpose.  You are here to enjoy.  Many of you are so used to the lessons, that you may try to hold on to feeling like you have to have problems.  Release your contract now, as you have done your work.  Now it is about reaping the benefits.  All the work you have done here  light beings will ripple out like a domino effect now as you watch and experience.

Some will say, but life is a journey.  We are never done.  You are not done with uncovering the eternal mystery, but you are done with having to try so hard to learn.  Your experiences now come with grace and ease. Even if your outside situation still somehow appears the same, you are being renewed inside, refreshed.  December the 21st will mark the next completion of the gateway as you merge both the heaven and earth connections.  The rays gold and silver are powerful for humans right now as they represent the colors of the cross over gates into 5th dimensional reality, as well as into the Earth reality.

How can you function with this revitalizing energy now as your most joyful self?  We ask you to please try to do very little other than stay present and alert.  You don’t need to do also these separate invocations for Merkabah, for DNA upgrades, or downloads, though they are enjoyable~~!You merely need to know you have already done this, and summon all realities into your NOW.

We now would like to speak of parallel realities.  Many speak of different realities all at once where you are on a peaceful Earth, and simultaneously where you are on a ruined Earth.  As you read this, and tap into this, we are specifically speaking to the consciousness that is on the in between Earth.  You are not on a ruined, doomed Earth reality.  And you are not on an exalted, pure light/love reality…yet.  You are in the middle on your way.  Many want to hurry up and embrace the Light/Love Earth.  It is very near to overlaying over your reality.  This next year, 2014, will be a time where the realities merge, hence the year of Oneness.  Your minds and projections are becoming so powerful, that you are able to see it all from a vast view, and higher up vantage point so to speak.  Keep merging all of them into your oneness for you are that grand of a being.  Yes, YOU! We are speaking to YOU! The more you melt these realities, your consciousness will transcend the experience even of multiple realities.  When we go into our 6th dimensional states and above, we see all as one, we do not see multiple realities.  There is coding in these words as we assist you NOW in melting the separation of realities as ONE so you may experience a deep acceptance, peace, and bliss, as you see it in this way.  It is all beautiful.  It is all love. Truly. We bring in now energies to release any heartache of any times in all space and time where you did not experience what we say here.  We are bringing in golden salve now on many of your hearts.  Many of your hearts have been etherically wounded.  Receive now this golden salve.  We love you so.  We say melt now all realities into the light of your beautiful glowing love, and acceptance of all.  Thank you for your receiving for you have just assisted many many.  So la re en lo.

We are one. Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.,

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The Pleiadians – It Was Always You – 21 September 2013

You want to believe that we know more, that we have something to share that will finally reveal it to you, but indeed we only express what you already know in a way that clarifies it, and you could say even reminds you. For some reason when the messenger is more human, so many want to believe that they do not have something special to share, because they are like you.  Therefore, they know no more than you and so you do not listen.

Yet, they know the same as you, just as we do.

But we would like to say that this comes from the shame on your planet of your human nature.  You have decided we are better, more evolved, as you watch so many in your world go towards war and manipulation.  So when a human messenger comes, you have a hard time trusting.  We understand.  We say to now release the shame of being a human and the level of distrust that has built up in your soul imprinting and cellular structure for so long.  Many we do healings with have it deeply embedded in their cells that they are flawed, despite their mental knowingness that this is not true.

This deep shame is limiting you from hearing the truth that you feel you can only receive by connecting with us.  But because you live in planet Earth, it leaves you feeling alienated (no pun intended) and isolated when you only feel we are whom to trust.  This is not the answer. We have served you a long time to help, not to be depended on.  We merely want you to see that this light and this knowledge, and this evolution; it was in you all along.  If you do not see it as your outside reality, continue to clear the shame of self and the shame about who you are that may sometimes cause you to get angry at human messengers and avatars.  You long to be the messenger and the avatar, but you do not believe it to be so. We say believe.  Believe NOW. Feel it. Own it.

We call in now for you a Shame Release Chamber of Light for all who will ever read this.  You are releasing the deep core shame about the issues you have, the pain, the anger.  All is a part of the natural process to feeling your true divine nature.  There was never any good nor bad.  Release now as we send pure light into the areas that are full of shame, that make you feel less than what you are. You are so grand and bright, sometimes it is blinding to us as we look at you. This week, in your timeline, try looking at everyone as the brightest light ever, no matter what they do or say.  There essential nature is still there.  Really squint to see it. Really let it pierce into your third eye. See the truth.  Yes dear ones, it was ALWAYS you.  We love you. So La Re En Lo.

We are one. Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.

The Channelers Book release:

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The Pleiadians: Your Physical Body is a Messenger for Your Ascension

The channel has halted much writing as she received her upgrades for her own personal ascension in body.  In this time, her original connection to us, her teacher,  crossed over the veil.  This is because her work here was done, and she had shared enough of our lightworking tools, with enough people to carry planet Earth through it’s process of ascension.  Now, many have said, your planet has already ascended to 5th dimensional reality.  Yet, there are still internal aspects letting go, and wavering at times into other realities.  This is all part of the natural flow and process.

Your physical body is changing on a cellular level.  As a result, many are experiencing levels of illness they have never endured before.  This illness does not have to be terminal to work.  It merely is forcing you to pay attention.  Yes, dear souls, pay attention to the meridians the illness lays in your body.  Pay attention to when the illness started and what your emotional and environmental state were all moving through.  All of this is information of what your Higher Self is trying to tell you to release.  It is more intense for you now, because your new cellular upgrade cannot withstand any of your old paradigms.  We are talking about the parts of yourself that you thought just couldn’t change, and you had surrendered to just live with it.  Is it anxieties or fears that you never seem to shake no matter how much healing?  Is it judgments about the self, even self-hatred that so many on planet Earth harbor?

In our world, we do not even understand the emotion of self-hatred.  It is so foreign that when we began to see this surface in your hybrid consciousnesses, we felt extreme grief and sadness for you.  It is this very emotion we see, that has caused us to be so committed to helping here.  It is unheard of that a piece of God/Goddess/Source, experience this type of berating and loathing of ones own being.  Yet, this was part of the original plan, the original separation, to forget you are a piece of All that Is, Spirit, and God/Goddess.

So now, your physical body is alerting you to the pieces that are left that have remained fearful and self-loathing despite all you know and have addressed.  It is the mass consciousness you, as the wayshowers, are funneling through your spirit and psyche.

We do want to inform you that it will not last longer than one year.  Many of you can move through these physical symptoms showing up as dis-ease, or illness in a matter of months.  All it takes it total surrender, honesty, and movement on a level that you never thought you could.  If it means doing something that seems so rigid, such as eliminating all grain, then so be it.  Yes, the time now is actually to do radical things that seemed like too much before.  It is this level of intensity that will shift your beautiful hearts.  You are so beautiful to us, we want you to see this yourself finally. We want you to see it so clearly, and sometimes the only way to get it is to change your vibration with your food.  Remove all foods that weigh your body down.  You do not have to be like the majority. You are not the majority.  You are the purist hearts and souls, and the most passionate about accessing the light.  This is not an ego boost, or a better than statement.  This is the truth.  Someone has to do it.  There are always people who get it first.  It is part of the divine plan.  With love. So-la-re-en-lo.

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The Pleiadians – Mind Control…Is it Real?- 27 April 2013

There are currently devices that can and are implanted into those that have unconscious and/or conscious agreements to allow it to be so, or have emotions that need to be released therefore creating a weakness in their energy field.  If you become sick, or have randomly begun to feel bad, you may surely have an implant.

Implants emanate certain messages into people’s consciousness that usually impose obsessive thoughts that are not serving the person’s being. They can also bring about physical illness.  They can be removed, and we will walk you through the removal of these in a bit today.

However, there is also something else going on.  We would like to let you know that there are devices used by those that wish to continue controlling our society that can radiate frequencies which can cause illness and imbalances in the physical, mental, and emotional body.  If you are a wayshower, if you are publicly one; or even not publicly one;  doing powerful spiritual practices that effect you and free you, there are energy devices not implanted, but that sense the fields on this planet.  People emanating a lot of light may at times be targeted by these devices as an attempt to decrease the light quotient. One of the reasons we are here is to help stop this from happening.  We are going to walk you through now two methods to release you from both these types of “frequency manipulation” as we would call it.  There is nothing to fear, this can easily be shifted with some awareness and some tools below.

First, let’s take care of the ones inside of your energy field.  Call in a Decloaking and Decoding Chamber of Light, from us, the Pleaidians.  This will allow you to see what is hidden. Now you must call this in only if you are grounded and in a sacred space.  Make sure you have cleared your space to keep your shield intact while you begin this process.  To create a sacred space if you are not aware in our way, you can simply call in one of our councils of the light, whichever one you resonate with, and ask that the crystalline pillars of light be anchored.  Next, close your eyes and visualize your energy field.  Throw the color purple at your energy field in your minds eye.  Ask for the violet/purple to glow on the areas where there are devices in your field.  If you see some, ask now to hear through your sense of knowing and telepathy what the devices are attached to.  Is one attached to your belief you are weaker than the “powers that were”, the people in control of the government? Is there an agreement you have with the beings using these devices to allow them to put it there so they “help” you in some way.  Of course, they are not truly helping.  Some beings deceive in our astral/dream times. And yes, these can be human beings in the astral deceiving.  This is when the agreements are often made.  Cancel these agreements and release these beliefs. Affirm something new. So if you cleared the upper belief, affirm now, I am a sovereign light being, free of the binds and connections to these beings trying to manipulate, destroy, and control the planet.  Most of these beings are human or mixed human, by the way. Seal your affirmation with “and so it is, so be it”.  Now, remove the devices.  Literally see yourself taking them out of the body.  Call now Archangel Michael and ask him to take these devices.  He assists in this way while we hold the space for you to see. Hand him these devices.  Flood your field with light.

Next, we will help you release from the external sources.  Imagine you have a contract with all beings wishing to manipulate.  Literally see it like it is a contract written down. Your name is signed on the bottom of it.  See yourself  stamping this cancelled, and next throw this contract into a beautiful rainbow flame bonfire.  Now there are two long, etheric hoses connected to each side of the head on top.  This, you could say is a portal that allows the energy in.  See yourself slowly removing these hoses.  See the pain in these holes where the hoses were being filled with light.  Spin the hole counterclockwise to close it. We will now seal it completely. We now flood you with energy that will help change the damaged vibration all throughout your cells and energy field with your permission.  If you wish for this, affirm you give us permission now to do this. Tonight, we ask you to bring around yourselves a Quantum Transfiguration Chamber of light to completely shield and resolve this issue.  See an ultraviolet grid around you and then call it in.  We will work on you as you sleep, so do this before bed.  You can do this process again if necessary in the future in case these beings find another weakness into your energy field.

We know as some of you read this for the first time, it may feel illusionary.  The reason is because what we are doing, and what is happening is not in your tangible world. It is all astral.  Your freedom depends on your ability to realize you actually need freedom from that which cannot be touched.  As more and more are waking up to their ability to work multidimensionally, they will know, visualization is not just visualization.  It is actually action in the astral planes.  This message used to only be revealed to those who really wanted to be the wayshowers, yet now, it is meant for all to be free, for all to see and realize what is happening.  Even if you don’t fully believe, simply reading this, will allow the seed to be planted for you to intend freedom from those who have tried for thousands of years to make this planet one of control with dim lights.  No more we say. No more. Be free, and live as your true self. We thank you for unplugging today, for you are helping the whole.

So La Re En Lo.

We are one. Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.


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The Pleiadians – Releasing Negativity from Psychic “Attacks” – 26 April 2013

Some people hold so much pain and “negativity”, also known as areas void of love, that they want to make it about others, they want to blame it on someone else, and then either send their negative thoughts their way, or even go as far as use energy through practices of energy medicine to harm. If you are the recipient of this, their are a few steps you can do to first cleanse, shield, and heal.

The most important thing is first the awareness of what is happening. Purify this energy through consciously bringing light into the body.  Running the violet flame through the body through visualization can help.  Next, make sure your auric field has not collapsed inwardly. See it being expanded one foot in diameter in all directions on all sides of your being.  Flood your auric field now with the color of your choice. We, the Pleiadians have a healing tool, call the Karmic Containment Unit, which absorbs other people’s energy.  Call upon this from us, and we will run it through the body to remove the person’s energy from your field as well.

Now close your eyes and ask to see if there are any symbols thrown into your energy field.  These symbols represent ceremony or pain images that have been done with you in mind.  Call in something we use for healing called the erasure tool. Throw violet light at the symbol and then literally visualize the tool erasing the symbol. You could see it like it is an eraser. Is it a dagger you see?  Something you do not understand? Trust your instincts and erase! Flood yourself again with light.

Now it is time to heal the relationship.   If your instinct senses it is a specific person, then the relationship itself needs healing, but not necessarily in a direct fashion. Intend now you are willing to heal the relationship energy. This energy rests not within you or within them.  It rests within the sacred space of life and all things.  Where all things exists, is truly a neutral place. It is important to neutralize all painful experiences that are triggered by the relationship in this neutral place.  How do you do this?  When you think about the person, feel in your body where there is resistance.  Is there pain, discomfort, heaviness, or even something that feels like a hard rock in the body?  Acknowledge it and then shift focus to connecting with the void, the sacred space, which rests everywhere. You do not need to know how to do this. You simply intend you are merging the feelings you thought were in your body, with now the sacred space, where all is neutral. The feelings were never really in a location, they always existed in the sacred space.  Don’t focus on the place in your body after finding where you felt it.  Simply get the mind to relax now and merge with the sacred space (which includes all things) where there is no judgement, only emptiness. This all happens simply from intention and sitting quietly.

When you feel your body release, you are complete. If you do not have to go where this person or people are, then we do not suggest you do so until you know they are functioning from a non-blaming place.  It is not avoiding, nor is it giving your power away by doing this and saying you are afraid to be around them. It is simply taking your power back by choosing not to participate in the endeavor. You transmute the energy and then release yourself.  You may need to remove hooks from your body that are energetically keeping you tied in with this type of dynamic.  Literally see yourself removing the hooks out of the energy field that appears to be you and filling the hole where the hook was with light.

Empower yourself to be responsible for what can and cannot enter your field.  Realize where it always existed in the first place: in the space of all things.  Again, trust your instincts, and use the tools we have given. So La Re En Lo.

We are one. Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.,

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The Pleiadians – Why Do You Have to Experience Something First to Heal It? – 27 March 2013

Many of you are asking on the inner planes, why can you just not go from one point to directly being healed? For example, why do you have to feel pain first for it then to clear? We wanted to speak to this today and bring in some understanding.

There are times when grace can come in, and simply clear something, but only usually after you have felt your experience for a while.  This is when you are given a divine dispensation.  But most of the time, it is to your benefit when you experience the fullness of your experience for it is in this you find the deeper understanding.

As you experience pain or suffering of any kind, you are at times simply receiving back energy that has occurred either in this lifetime or another.  No one is sending it to you.  You are just being reflected back some experience whether it be from hundreds of years ago or now.  This is simply the law of creation. This is not a punishment.  Why, we hear the channel ask, is the law of creation formed this way? We will get to that.  Other reasons for experiencing the pain before it releases  is so that you may dance on this planet understanding all that is.  Spirit is all, you are all, and your soul enjoys embracing all experiences.  It is interesting to you.  It is your human mind that does not enjoy it, but that it because it  puts a judgment on it.  Release the judgment and there is only experiences.

Now to answer the question of why is the Universe formed in a way where all loops around as reflection.  Well, many of you have heard it before and we say it again and again because each time you read it in a different context, it sinks in differently: you are all, you are one with all you have ever created.  In order to feel the wholeness of all that you are, all must flow back to you to rest within the love and acceptance of your heart, which then completes you.  As you accept and love all into the heart, through the experiencing of it, you experience the totality of your being, your wholeness.

We now wish to bring in more coding for you to experience the full releasing of any pain that is ready to purify.  We do this through the written word, but as you read these words, you connect to the consciousness that they are sourced from.  This merely activates the receptors in your cells that can receive the information, the download so to speak.  So here we go, sending the light codes in now that bring in the pure shimmering white light with hues of gold.  Violet is not always necessary.  When it comes to grace and ease, we highly suggest using on yourself the white light with the gold shimmery quality in it. Stark white emanates from shock and fear, so there is a difference when healing with colors between the two.

Now breathe deep into the heart.  We even guide you to place the hands on the heart right over left now, and intend to allow the lighter frequency to transmute your older creations that have merely been summoned to you to accept and melt into the heart.  Ah yes, we can feel many of you now as you read this dissolving and releasing old pain. We specifically bring this in today because as your full moon impulses the release, this will assist you greatly.  So breathe again into the heart now, and receive the energies that help you surrender to unconditional love of all, for in this it melts the pain you have been experiencing.

Pay attention to today after reading this to who shows up.  Is it someone else who reflects pain to you? They wish now for you to be the transmitter of these codes so they too may feel whole.  Know this: every time someone comes, even if on the attack, that perhaps you have recently cleared something that they need to clear (and when we say recent this can mean 10 years your time).  You see it is not always just people reflecting something that you need to clear in this now moment. Sometimes it is reflections of something you have cleared already, because you have the compassion to relate to it.  Do not go on the attack when others experience something by saying, “see, if you have someone show up angry, then it is you!”.  It does not always work that way.  You may be just powerful and in your sovereignty enough to shatter this person’s old program.  That is also at times why people show up in your reflection.  When we speak of power, we of course always speak in the power of how aligned you are vertically with your higher self. This is true power.  All else has been distorted by the human (and some other star lineages too) interpretation.  Embrace your personal power as pain shows up in any form as the reflection.  Let it merge with the heart as you rise and become all that you are, whole with unconditional love. So La Re En Lo.

We are one. Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister. http://www.blissfullifecounseling.com,

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