Enjoy these messages channeled for spiritual support and development from the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light. The channeler, was first introduced to the Pleiadians about 13 years ago and currently works as a healer and counselor.


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  1. I’ve been looking for information that links “S.A.D.” (seasonal affective disorder) to my cellular change, or perhaps to even link my need for warmth and sun based on where my Pleiadian roots come from. Every year, as fall turns to winter, I experience a near death in a total physical breakdown. I need help, desperately. This has stunted my Pleiadian missions repeatedly as I am often too weak to work, and maintain the simplest forms of independence. I’m currently doing everything I can to leave North America in order to save myself from death. I can feel my soul clinging by a thread in my darkest hours on Earth. Never have I felt more as though I am not engineered to function within a human body. Please help. Any ideas, tips, concepts anything at all is helpful. I am determined to decode this dilemma once and for all this year.

    Peace & light

    • Ramona,

      Ask Archangel Michael to cut the cord you have to your Pleiadian past lifetime so that you may no longer be so identified with it. You’re higher self is deeply longing for you to be present in this lifetime, but it is understandably hard to with these physical problems. There is a part of you that is also astrally traveling to the Pleiades when you sleep so it is as if half of you lives here, and half of you lives here. When you experience your body now, it is not completely whole. Ask the Pleiadians to place you in a QTG Chamber of Light to seal this portal while you sleep. Cancel the contract with yourself to continuosly travel there. Next, summon your astral body to remain present at all times, in all time and space here on Earth in human form. Lastly, get some good supplements for Serotonin. I suggest Travacor from Neuroscience taken once a day at your lowest energy level in the day. Make sure you clean up your diet as well with lots of green juices (one a day), and less meat. I send grace and healing as well from the divine me to the divine you. With light, Ariah

  2. Would love any and all new information. If you have an email subscription list I would love to be added. Thanks 🙂

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